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Astragal: Schumacher foments anarcho-capitalist revolution


Patrik Schumacher is a busy man. Not content with running a 700-person company as principal of Zaha Hadid Architects, the German architect is also publishing a ‘serialised treatise’ about anarcho-capitalist revolution, which he advocates. The first instalment, as subscribers to Schumacher’s newsletter will know, was an 8,000-word essay ruminating on…

Astragal: Russian exit and no Bacon


This month Foster + Partners said it would stop working in Russia, as it ‘deplored’ the country’s invasion of Ukraine. The announcement came a week after similar statements by Zaha Hadid Architects and David Chipperfield Architects

Astragal: U+I boss cast in new role – docker

Martyn evans webcrop

Property developer U+I is in hot water down Greenwich way over a statue that just happens to be a dead ringer for one of its own directors. Plans for OMA’s Morden Wharf include a flat cap-wearing ‘everyman’ supposed to celebrate the ‘human story’ of dock workers. But sneak previews of…