Parador’s new collection embraces the classic elegance of chevron

With a new engineered wood collection for chevron installation, Parador pays tribute to the classic elegance of this pattern

Chevron as an installation pattern has adorned floors since the early 16th century. Originally from France and inspired by the famous flame engraving pattern, its elegance and design have stood the test of time.

Traditionally known as the French version of herringbone installation, chevron-engineered wood offers countless possibilities in installation for stylish room design. The classic, alternating composite creates a stunning two-tone aesthetic and is one of the most visually stunning patterns, combining geometric shapes and a dynamic orientation.

The new collection from Parador includes six multifaceted oak floors, ranging from light colours that look as if they have not been treated, to classic natural tones and rich, dark shades that can be integrated into any design and room situation – from high-end private homes to large-scale residential projects.

The strip planks of the chevron-engineered wood have bevelled edges at a 45-degree angle. Through the use of left and right strips, the installation is not fixed to a single pattern and can be varied. After installation, the blocks form a continuous “V”, which is what makes the chevron flooring so unmistakable.

The lacquer-sealed matt surface optimally protects the engineered wood, gives it the natural look of an oil-treated surface and emphasises the colour and structure of the floor. The four-sided mini bevel ensures a calm, seamless joint pattern. 

Selected woods from sustainably managed forests are the raw material for the high-quality chevron-engineered wood flooring that is guaranteed to transform any living space.

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